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Rainwater Harvesting Helps Conserve Drinking Water

Water is getting more and more expensive.
Water is an expensive commodity. Even without any further increase in our current water consumption, we seem to be paying higher and higher amounts in water charges each year. We are told this is due to the increased costs of producing drinking water and the high cost of waste water disposal. Ground water levels are also declining in most regions, with the result that drinking water reserves on the whole are becoming scarcer. This also translates into higher utility charges due to the higher costs of exploiting these reserves.
Save up to 50% of Drinking Water with Rainwater Recycling
As much as 50% of the drinking water that is currently being used can be safely replaced with rainwater without any loss of convenience. Rainwater can be used for laundry, flushing toilets, general cleaning and garden irrigation.
Recycled rainwater is soft water. It is better suited to some garden plants, it causes no limescale damage to appliances, and it reduces the amount of detergents required for washing.
Based on future water price projections, a complete rainwater recycling system, excluding installation cost, would pay for itself within 5 to 7 years. In addition, rainwater recycling projects can often be eligible for financial support from local municipalities.
Water Quality you can Trust
The GRAF filter technology described here is tried and tested and produces water that is always clean, clear and odour free. Additionally, the water from rainwater recycling systems is perfectly safe to use and poses no danger to personal health or hygiene. This has been verified by various independent studies carried out at institutes such as the Hygiene Institute at Bremen and others.
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