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Biological Processes
Removal of VOCs using a Biofilter PRINCIPLE
Biopurification of gases uses microorganisms to degrade pollutants in the air into simple elements of low or negligible toxicity (nitrogen, carbon dioxide or sulphates).

Additional nutrients may be added to guarantee optimal and constant degradation. These nutrients help promote the growth of the biodegrading microorganisms.
Deodorization of gaseous emissions in industry, typically where organic products are transformed (food industry, tobacco, coffee industries, rendering plants, waste water treatment, sludge handling.)

Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) contained in gases from the chemical, pharmaceutical, electronic industries or in the perfume, printing sectors.
The different processes used for waste water treatment can also be used for air treatment. We make the following distinction in technology type:
  • Fixed biomass, analogy with biofilter beds
  • Free biomass or circulating biomass, as in the case of an activated sludge plant
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