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Air Scrubbing Systems
Hibernia ETH Ltd. (Ireland) specialises in the design and manufacture of equipment for the treatment of noxious, odorous and corrosive gas emissions. Its gas and odour treatment equipment has been used in a wide range of industrial and municipal sectors in Ireland, the UK and throughout Europe.
The company undertakes full turnkey odour removal and gas treatment installations.
Hibernia ETH pioneered the use of filter bed media derived from calcified seaweed; this technology is now covered by patents in a number of European countries.
Trickling Biofilter For Biological Processes, Hibernia's patented technology includes organic & inorganic high performance biofilters and bioscrubbers. The company's new range of BioSilo filters provides improved performance with the additional advantage of having a small footprint.
For Physical & Chemical Processes, Hibernia's technology covers gas-liquid exchange columns, jet venturi, gas-driven venturi and packed columns. All are designed for efficient scrubbing, neutralising, oxidising, de-odorising, dedusting and demisting. High Energy Venturi
We offer turnkey odour removal installations, as well as offering a range of compact modular filters for use in manholes, on pipelines and on tank vents.
Hibernia ETH Ltd. carries out detailed design work and manufacturing at its base in Dublin, and works closely with a range of high-quality suppliers to provide efficient, compact and well designed gas cleaning filters at competitive prices.
Hibernia combines innovative technology with professional engineering and manufacturing skills to give quality gas cleaning products that satisfy customer requirements.
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