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Cage Filter Strainers for Sand and Gravel Filters
CAGE FILTER NOZZLES - Material Specification
Cage Filter Strainers 1. The nozzles shown here are generally made of stabilised polypropylene (PPH-PPN) (series No. 1000). Filter nozzles for the processing of cold water (Gravel-Filters) could, if necessary, be made from cheaper material, however, the hardness, toughness and wear-resistance of the above material would not be obtained with cheaper material.

2. Polypropylene (PPH-PPN) of the type 1000 series has a permanent temperature resistance of from 80 to 100o C. For temperatures below 0o C we recommend PPH 1022 material.

3. The polypropylene (PPH-PPN) of the type 1000 series has complete resistance against the following heat-and chemical-treatment:
- against saturated boiling solutions of normal salt, up to 12 months at 100o C
- against a 30% hydrocholoric acid up to 60o C; also against a 50% caustic soda solution.

4. This material is especially suitable for neutralisation of activated carbon at a temperature of 120o C watersteam (at short runs 2-3 times a year). Having a temperature of 80-100o C on a continuous basis will do no harm.

5. The percentage of water absorption of polypropylene (PPH-PPN) is negligible. After a period of permanent use of up to 6 months, no swelling and no outside changes have been observed.

6. During all permanent tests in hot or cold water, which have been made up to now, no changes of the compressive strength and tensile strength have been observed.

7. The commission appointed by the Bundesgusendheitsamt (Federal Hygienic Institute in Germany) to test plastic materials in respect to health requirement, has approved polypropylene of series No. 1000 to be in conformity with the Lebernsmittelgesetz (Food Products Laws). This decision has been published in the Bundesgesundheitsbatt 1959 number16, page 264.

On account of the wide variety of uses, to which this material can be applied , and the different working conditions which are possible, no guarantee or liability can be given or accepted in respect of the results obtained in the use, the installation or the individual function of these cage filter nozzles.
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